Collect the required number of diamonds and/or eggs to open the exit. Other rules you can probably figure out by playing. 

Controls: ASWD or Cursor keys to move. You can hold left shift to dig without moving. On Phone just drag the direction you want to go (phone play is HARD!). If yo get stuck click ☠️  to start over.

It would be lovely if you'd build some levels. See instructions here. If you send them to me I'll be happy to add them to the game.

This is the JavaScript version of code my friend John wrote in high school like 1983. I then ported it to PC with C, Gameboy with Z80 Assembly, Some 2005 feature phone in Java, and then just recently saw it in a backup folder and decided to bring it to JavaScript.

The source is here if you want to add something or fork it for your own use.

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